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Copying Your Competitors Brand Image

Mcdowell's Restaurant

You love the way that other company looks – You want to look like them.

You love their company brochures, the angles of the product photos, the way the copy speaks to you – You want a brochure like that.

You love their logo, their stationery, their website and their tweets – What can you do to be just like those guys?

Nothing. They’re already doing it. The main reason this is working for them, is that it is working for them.

It’s their identity, their style, their image. By copying their image, your company will likely be seen as an inferior imitation, while their brand remains strong, unique and much more credible.

Copying your competitors logo or brand style sends out the wrong message for anyone who is passionate about their business. Even worse than trying to copy a coveted brand style is blending in with competitors and other similar businesses by choosing the ‘safe’ route of having a logo and brand style designed that just fits in with what is expected.

Unless you actually want to appear standard and unremarkable, the best weapon you have in this fight is originality, and this is found by looking within. Work out your own unique characteristics, the kind of personality that would appeal to the customers you wish to attract. Rather than trying to beat them at their own game, play to your own strengths and develop a distinctive brand image that creates a new relevance or category within your market.


Some Examples of Effective Branding

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