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Tips for Writing a Company Slogan

Tips for Writing a Company Slogan

Company slogans are often overlooked or uninspiring. OK, it’s not catapult a small business into the FTSE, but it can be a valuable component of your promotional arsenal.

In the same way that compelling graphic design can create intrigue and trust in a product or service, a well considered and unique slogan can foster feelings about the brand image.

Carving out a great slogan can be hard work. It’s important to remember the goal is to summarise the vision of a brand in a way that sticks in the head. Like design thinking, the best results are gleaned from putting pen to paper, brainstorming and refining. Before starting the process, here are some factors that define what a great slogan must be:


1. Valid

A slogan must state a truth about the product or service. It’s no good telling lies in a slogan, as it only makes for embarrassing reviews and uncomfortable interactions with customers. Look at what your brand represents, what draws (or should draw) people to use you.


2. Original

There’s hardly anything worse in the business of promoting your brand than seeming to copy another brand. It shows a lack of personality, imagination and credibility. Just as the visual approach of your graphic design needs to be distinctive, the slogan must tell a unique story about your business.


3. Witty

An acute, inspiring play on words can entice interest and attention. Sharp wit can give the impression that you company thinks more clearly and intelligently about it’s ethos, thus giving the perception that it is one step ahead of the competition.


4. Appropriate

Following on from point three, the tone of voice should be compatible with your brand position. For instance, it could be clumsy and unsuitable to use toilet humour as the slogan for a company offering financial services. However, aiming to sound like a company in your industry can be a sure fire way to go unnoticed.


5. Simple

Don’t waffle. Avoid jargon. Resist the urge to cover all bases. Great slogan writing is about finding your unique prospect or personality and summing it up in as few words as possible.


6. Sticky

If factors 1-6 are met, then you will likely have written a slogan that sticks. Great slogans are memorable, so much so that some become catch phrases in their own right. If a slogan has an element of wit and character, is easy to say, and is original, it can leave an indelible mark on the target audience.

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