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The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design

phaidon archive of graphic design

The archive is a boxed compendium of 500 cards featuring some of the greatest pieces of graphic design from around the world.

Covering a broad scope of design including logos and brand identity design, books, magazines, newspapers, posters, advertisements, typefaces, album covers and motion graphics from over 300 graphic designers.

archive of graphic design

classic posters

As well as the expected infamous classics such as the Coca Cola logo and the Sgt. Pepper’s cover artwork through to lesser known but equally brilliant pieces like the posters of Elena Serrano and the US medical magazine Scope.

It is a collection that will inspire, entertain and educate anyone who has an interest in design and visual communication.

classic magazine

Alexandre Rodchenko

Deutsch Bank and CBS logos

classic magazine design

logo designs: adidas and London Underground

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