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Ebaccs: Include Design

The government is planning to replace GCSE qualification with Ebacc, which will cover English, maths, science, languages and humanities, excluding design, art and creativity. The UK’s creative arts are respected and admired throughout the world. Vital, not only to our culture, but also to the post industrial economy.

This will limit our children’s opportunities and implies that creativity is no more than a hobby and not to be taken seriously in times where we need to focus on economic growth. An absolutely ridiculous standpoint considering the amount of money that is made by a brilliant advertising campaign or excellent product design. The government should know this only too well, as they themselves spend huge amounts of money advertising and promotion through design, with this years budget reported at £285m.

Financial benefits aside, developing children’s creativity allows them to express themselves uniquely, building their confidence and diversifying their interests and influences. Especially important when the hypnotic effects of popular culture can seek to minimise their individuality and identity.

We need more focus on the importance of creativity and this qualification threatens to marginalise design and art.

This is why I have added my name to what is so far 41,000 signatories to campaign against Ebacc. If you feel the same, please add yours here.

Update – 07 Feb 2013

As of today, the the government has backed down over their proposed English Baccalaureate Certificates which is great news for the future of our creative arts. However the Ebacc League Table remains, which means creative subjects will still be downgraded and treated as less valuable than other subjects. I believe this is still going to mean creative subjects being treated as sub-academic and virtually worthless, if you agree and want to have your say you can use the template letter here to write to your MP.

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