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Design Icons: Marion Deuchars

My children’s drawings surprise me all the time, they break the rules, they inspire, they make me laugh, they shock. I don’t want that to change for as long as possible – Marion Deuchars.

To have a distinctive visual style in a vocation so saturated in trends as graphic design, is no mean feat. The design work of Marion Deuchars has a simple handmade aesthetic, which feels far removed from the digitally enhanced or computer generated.

Her beautiful, playful lettering and illustrations can be seen in the cookbooks of Jamie Oliver, The Guardian, Esquire Magazine and projects for clients including Unicef, Penguin, Adidas, JP Morgan, Royal Mail, Ford, Volkswagen and The Imperial War Museum.

For me, her greatest work is in her wonderfully original children’s books. Let’s Make Some Great ArtLet’s Make Some Great Placemat ArtLet’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art, all aimed at encouraging children to enjoy and explore their creativity with mini projects on each spread.

marion deuchars stamps
marion deuchars guardian
marion deuchars cook book
marion deuchars fish
marion deuchars jamie oliver pasta
marion deuchars book cover design
marion deuchars lettering and illustration
marion deuchars lettering artist
marion deuchars lets make great art books
marion deuchars great art book
marion deuchars fingerprint art book
marion deuchars placemat art book


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