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Simplicity in logo design – Why it matters

Simple Logo Design - Apple

You might think every important detail about a company needs to be visible in the logo, but the most effective logos are ones with a simple idea at their heart. It can seem counterintuitive in today’s complex, multitouch world, but to create a strong brand mark, simplicity is vital. Here are a just a few reasons why:

1 Distinction

A simple, solid logo design is much easier to recognise and remember. The greatest logo designs are borne out of a basic creative idea. When it comes to capturing the essence of a brand identity, simple trumps complexity every time.

2 Longevity

Cramming three or four factors of a company’s identity into a logo not only clutters the message, but there’s a very good chance one of these will become irrelevant as the business evolves. Expressing the company brand in a simple unifying message has a much greater chance of staying relevant over time.

3 Versatility

From a purely practical standpoint, if a logo has a simple solid design, it can be easily recognised at all sizes. From a thumbnail icon on Twitter, to a large format printed banner, the logo should be equally effective across all potential applications.

4 Resonance

To quickly communicate the intended message is another important consideration. Whether the logo is sat amongst others in an online directory, on a moving vehicle, garment or anywhere else, a well crafted simple logo stands much more chance of creating a positive reaction in the viewer.

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