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Stampedes: Postage stamp pictures

Postage Stamp Collages 1

During my recent stay in Milton Keynes for the great MK Geek All Dayer, I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra Dartnell.

Aside from her day job, Sandra makes these beautiful pictures she calls Stampedes, by collaging postage stamps.

Postage Stamp Collages 3
Postage Stamp Collages 5

Stampedes can form a story, or depict the passions and personality of the recipient. The results are lovely compositions of colour and image from the vintage stamps she sources from all over the world.

Postage Stamp Collages 4

Postage Stamp Collages 5

Sandra began Stampeding by creating collages for her baby daughter, and also as presents for her family and friends. She now takes commissions from people that want to give a personal gift, or for companies that want to tell their story through the art on their walls.

Postage Stamp Collages 6

In her 6 minute Pecha Kucha story, Bringing on a Stampede Sandra talks about her beginnings and some of the pieces she has created.


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