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Google Resizer – A Tool for Testing Responsive UI

UI / Interaction Design Google Resizer Google this week launched Resizer – a tool for testing how user interface designs respond to different breakpoints. By entering a live URL, designers can view in real time how layout patterns work at different sizes.

Resizer follows on from the release of Material – a set of rules and guidelines covering Google’s visual and interactive language. With these releases Google hopes to instill best practices in the UI and interaction design flow.

Many years of solid principles form a bedrock for graphic design and typography, whereas digital design is comparatively still in its infancy. Google seeks to build similar fundamentals that could form a foundation for any interaction design in the future, regardless of the device.

As Android designer Matias Duarte puts it “We’re taking all of those things and we’re trying to put them together to build a set of rules that’s timeless, in the same way that the rules of filmmaking or graphic design are also timeless,”.